Single Mothers and Scholarships

Applying for a scholarship to further their education or perhaps learn a new vocation such as a teacher or a nurse is probably not something that all single mothers have considered but perhaps they should. There is free scholarships for single mothers information available on the internet and there are probably far more scholarships available than most people may think. Of course not all scholarships cover all the costs of further tuition but some of them do and most of them afford enough financial assistance to enable someone to improve their current situation. Most scholarships often are concerned with formal academic qualifications but some do cover vocational training, especially in the fields of teaching and nursing. Although some scholarships are offered by colleges or other teaching establishments, others are also offered by foundations, federal and state programs. Obviously as with everybody, single mothers may not qualify for some of these scholarships but others require that you be a single mother in order to qualify. These scholarships can apply to all ages as well, for example, the Shawn Carter Scholarship Foundation focuses on assisting women under the age of 25 and has already assisted more than 750 women with financial assistance amounting to over 41.7 million. The Jeannette Rankin Scholarship Fund on the other hand, focuses on assisting women over the age of 35 and they have also assisted over 750 women, this time to the tune of $2 million. Then there is the James E. “Pete“ Petersen Scholarship which was started in 1985 and that is of particular note here because it gives preferential consideration to single parents.

The above of course are private scholarships but the federal government has some need based grants which are available to help, such as the Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant which is has been set up to specifically assist those that need financial assistance with educational costs and can award payments that range from $100 to $4,000 per applicant. The Academic Competitiveness Grant which is specifically for single mothers that have already obtained secondary educations. SMART is the name given to the National Science and Mathematics Access to Retail Talent program which can award single mothers as much as $4,000 to further their education. The federal government will also assist single mothers that are looking to start a career in teaching and this program is called the Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education program.

With the wide variety of scholarships available for single women to qualify for, there is likely to be one that would ideally suit any single mother. Of course though, the single mother will still have to find a way to juggle her already busy day in order to fit in the studying but, many manage somehow and it may be easier than you at first think. For instance, when children see that their parent also studies, they realize the importance of a good education which may in-still in them more incentive to do good in their school and in doing so mean, a single mothers assistance with homework is not needed as much.