Self Managed Superannuation Fund And How It Can Help You

Life is very unpredictable. I overheard a man the other day saying this phrase and it came up to me to start thinking about this. I have met hundreds of people in my lifetime. Considering that I am only twenty-six, that is already a lot. From my classmates in grade school when I was studying in a coed school, in high school when I transferred in an all girls school, then when I entered college and was enrolled in a popular university in the country. After graduating, I applied in different companies and luckily got in one of the big corporations in the country. I met new friends from my officemates, friends of friends and so one and so forth. Some of these people are just mere acquaintance, some have become good friends while others became an important part of my life who played significant roles. As the years pass by, I have heard of stories about how some of these people are and what had happened in there lives the past years. Those individuals whom you thought were nerdy, the smart people in class are now living their lives in another country. Those people whom you never thought will be very serious are now successful in their chosen career. Some who are very healthy grew slimmer while those who are thin became bigger. There are also a handful of them who passed away after acquiring a certain type of disease, met an accident and lost their way. Truly life is very unpredictable and in just a snap or a finger, a blink of an eye, life can change.

I am no expert because as you can see, I am still young, have a lot to learn and experience. But one thing I can say is that I’ve learned the importance of being ready for whatever tomorrow may bring us. Now that I have a child, my most important priority in life is to secure a bright future ahead of her. All I want is for her to finish her school and have a good career just like what every parent would want for their child. I am a stay at home mother but at the same time is helping my husband manage his businesses. Whatever income I have goes directly to the bank so that I can start saving money as early as now. Nevertheless, I still think of things to invest in that will hopefully double or even triple the amount after several years. By this way, I can help save up enough money to pay for the other things my daughter needs. I was surfing the next and found the importance of a self managed superannuation fund . After reading what is it, how it works and the benefits of having one I am very much convinced of how it can be a good investment for me and my spouse. The Australian government really is thinking about the welfare of their citizens because later on they will surely enjoy the fruits of their labor especially when they are in their prime years.